When you register for Dance Quest events each entry will receive an entry number.   Save your songs and label your song files with your school  code, entry # then a space and your song title.  Make sure your song titles match the song title names put on your entry forms.

No more burning and labeling CD's!  Isn't that awesome! 

 All music must be received by our music department two weeks prior to day one of competition!  If you can't use drop box we can accept emailed music as well but whenever possible drop box is our preferred method of music sharing.  Please note:  Our music is compiled in advance of the competition by a professional audio company and requires many hours of prep time by their trained sound technicians.

Late music fee of $100 per school for music received after the deadline.  Change fee of $10 per song for any music replacement once submitted.

Remember to bring a copy of all of your music with you on a usb or cd as a back up


Simple as that! Don't hesitate to contact us and we are here to help so just let us know!