General Rules


All Dancers must sign a waiver before they will be permitted to perform or participate in our workshops.  No Exceptions

The deadline for entries is 60 days prior to the competition date.  Studios register their dancers and entries online in our Dance Comp Genie Software, once completed an invoice will be sent to you.  Registration is not finalized until we receive a signed waiver from each dancer and payment in full.

No refunds will be given.

Choreography may be entered in more than one of our regional or national events in any calendar year.  Please note Choreography may not be repeated at the same event in consecutive calendar years by the same performers.

NOT permitted:  helium balloons, fire, animals, liquid or gels, paint, glitter or anything messy that cannot be swept quickly as props. Delay in schedule due to extended clean time will result in point deductions

Each Studio will receive a detailed tentative or draft schedule approximately 3 weeks prior to the event.  If there are any conflicts or errors directors must contact to request any changes.  A final schedule with dates and times for each entry will be sent to each studio 7 days prior to the event.  No changes can be accepted once the final schedule has been sent.

All Solos will perform on the first day of the competition date. Duos and trios on the second day of the competition. Group routines will follow after all duos/trios have performed.

All competitors should be present and prepared to dance 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time in the event we are running ahead of schedule.  Competitors who are not available at performance time will be disqualified.

No coaching competitors while they are performing.  Any competitors who stop during a performance may repeat the performance for the purposes of adjudication but will not receive any awards.  Only exception - Ages 2-4 years old.

Dressing rooms will be assigned each day. Each studio should remove their belongings and deposit all trash in bins provided in the hallway.  Dressing rooms should be left clean and tidy each day.

Studio Owners/Directors/Teachers will be provided with a photo ID card which permits access to event, they do not need to purchase a ticket when they provide us with a jpeg photo 30 days before the competition.

Studio Owners/Directors only may pick up score sheets during workshops at registration at the end of the competition.  Any cash prizes or scholarships awarded at the Odyssey should be picked up at the same time.

At the Odyssey all previous marks are discarded and all routines are judged again by our panel of adjudicators.  Finalists for the Odyssey are selected based on a combination of highest marks overall and judges picks.

Dance Classifications

Beginner Dancers with less than 2 years of dance training in any dance style.

Intermediate Dancers with 2-3 years of dance training in any dance style.

Open Dancers with 4 or more years of dance training in any dance style.

High School Dance Team

Open Adult Dancers over 21 years of age/former competitive dancers

Adult Recreational Dancers over 21 years recreational dancers

Professional dancers with or without a teachers certificate who earn more than $1000 per calendar year performing or teaching or teaches more than 4 hours per week

Pro AM a group of dancers where one or more of the dancers are classified professional


Special Note for Studio Directors

Open and Intermediate dancers may not dance in a beginner classification.

Open dancers may not dance in an intermediate classification.

Beginner and Intermediate dancers may dance in a higher classification.

If there is one Open dancer in a group the entire group must dance Open.

If there is one Intermediate dancer in a beginner group, the entire group must dance Intermediate.

This rule will be strictly enforced.  If you are unsure please contact us

Age Groups (as of first day of competition)

4 and under                        6 and under

8 and under                        10 and under

12 and under                     14 and under

16 and under                     18 and under

20 and under                     Open Adult

Adult Recreational

Ages for groups is an average of ages.  Duos & Trios oldest age dictates age category.


Marking Criteria

Presentation                      30 points

Technique                           35 points

Choreography                   25 points

Costume                              5 points

Music                                    5 points*

*Deduction may be made for any music over time by more than 10 seconds at the discretion of the adjudicators

Time Limits

SOLO/DUO/TRIO                              2 MINUTES 30 SECONDS

GROUP NUMBERS                           3 MINUTES



Jazz must consist primarily of jazz technique

Tap must consist primarily of tap technique.  Recorded tap sounds are not permitted

Contemporary elements of jazz, lyrical and classical ballet stressing versatility, improvisation and fluid dance movements

Lyrical expressive dance style blending ballet, jazz, storytelling and emotions

Ballet/Pointe classical ballet where dancers are marked on ballet technique

Cabaret/Musical Theatre may include several dance types, vocalization, lip syncing, acro, acting combined with interpreting a song or character from a Broadway show, movie etc.

Hip Hop consist of hip hop and street dance styles

Street jazz consist of jazz and street dance styles

Step/Line consist of traditional step dance techniques and/or line dancing styles

Highland consist of traditional highland dance techniques

Acro consist of at least 50% acrobatic/gymnastic stunts incorporating dance technique and choreography

Modern consist of modern and ballet techniques reaching beyond standard jazz vocabulary

Song and dance consist of dance and vocalization to interpret a song/character from a Broadway show or movie with or without a microphone (dancer must provide own mic if required)

Improv dancing any style to a song selected by organizers and heard only prior to performance

Own choreography- any dance style that is choreographed ONLY by the dancer(s) performing in an Open classification only.

Open anything that does not apply to any of the above categories should be included in this category


Waiver forms 

All Dancers must sign a waiver before they will be permitted to perform or participate in our workshops.  No Exceptions. Download  waiver forms below.

Waiver Forms

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