Due to limited space, dancer safety and general coordination of performers moving to and from dressing rooms to the stage;  access to dressing rooms and back stage areas will be limited to dancers and teachers only.


Each dance school will be given a limited number of chaperone passes that they must distribute in advance to parents as required for the purposes of hair, makeup, costume changes and supervision.  Many schools put together a simple schedule especially with younger dancers and assign a parent from each group one of their chaperone passes.  Other parents often communicate with the chaperone parent by way of cell phones/texting.  Many children today also have cell phones in case parents need to communicate with them.


Chaperone passes must be ordered in advance by the teacher  Chaperones will still require a ticket to enter the theatre to watch.  Chaperone passes only provide passage to dressing rooms and are not tickets to watch.


Any concerns with regard to dressing room access should be directed to your teacher.